Wentz vs Prescott: Who would you rather have representing your team?

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June 6, 2018

Wentz vs Prescott: Who would you rather have representing your team?

Image: Bruce Adler Sports Photography via Flickr

Wentz vs Prescott: Who would you rather have representing your team?

Posted on June 6, 2018

Wentz vs Prescott

With two quarterbacks coming out of the 2016 NFL draft and into the same division, there was bound to be a rivalry formed before their planes landed in their respective cities. The injury to Tony Romo gave Dak Prescott the starting quarterback job almost immediately, solidifying the rivalry. Wentz vs Prescott is a storyline twice per year and so many times in between. This year, Wentz proved superior in a 37-9 blow out against the Cowboys for the world to see. The absence of star running back, Ezekiel Elliott, exposed Prescott. Wentz, on the other hand, showed his MVP-like talent over and over again. Although there can be an argument made for on the field battle, off the field, there is no contest in the Wentz vs Prescott argument.

Carson Wentz off the field

Image: canotime24 via Flickr

It is no secret that Wentz is committed to his religious faith. Through that, he established the AO1 Foundation. With the foundation, Wentz has taken mission trips to Haiti with teammates. They built houses and visited communities that are still trying to rebuild after natural disasters.

Most recently, Wentz teamed up with Mission of Hope: Haiti to raise money for a multipurpose athletic complex and education center. In a two week fundraising period, he agreed to match every dollar raised up to $500,000 for the complex. Wentz was able to donate a check of $520,000 to Mission of Hope: Haiti.

Also recently, last Friday Wentz hosted his first annual charity softball game to benefit the AO1 Foundation. He announced after the game that the event raised over $850,000. At the softball game, the Eagles quarterback also announced the “Thy Kingdom Crumb” food truck, a free food truck with no strings attached. The truck will “use various means and venues to freely distribute food to people.” (AO1 Foundation).

So not only is Wentz raising insane amounts of money for the charity he started, but he also created a food truck to feed anyone and everyone for FREE.

Keep in mind, all of these donations and announcements happened within the last week or so.

Let’s check on what Dak has done in the last week.

Dak Prescott and what he’s out doing

This is not to say Dak has not done anything charity related. He has partnered with the Ready. Raise. Rise. initiative that spreads information about Immuno-Oncology research, as Prescott lost his mother to cancer when he was 20 years old.

However, instead of doing anything useful with his time, Prescott was out in clubs with Elliott and a few other offensive linemen in Florida. However, in the midst of bar hopping, they decided to make a stop to buy several penis shaped water guns. They then continued into their next bar armed with their penis guns.

Now, it was all in good fun. The shop clerk said the players were very nice and having a good time. However, I would not want to read a story about Wentz, Zach Ertz and all of the lineman drawing this stupid attention to themselves in the middle of OTAs. Especially Zeke who spent the entire 2017 season under scrutiny and in the hot seat should not be drawing this attention to himself and his team.

Wentz wins

Any day of the week I would take Wentz on and off of the field. He is the perfect example of a leader. And based on the turnout of players and fans alike at the softball game, he is well respected and adored by those around him. Wentz vs Prescott isn’t even a debate anymore. It’s a sad storyline so Skip Bayless and Jerry Jones can feel justified and have something to talk about.

Featured Image: Bruce Adler Sports Photography via Flickr

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