Super Bowl rings for the Philadelphia Eagles are here!

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June 15, 2018

Super Bowl rings for the Philadelphia Eagles are here!

Image: Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl rings for the Philadelphia Eagles are here!

Posted on June 15, 2018

The Super Bowl rings are finally here!

After many years of waiting, the Eagles finally have their title. Last night the Philadelphia Eagles hosted their party where they presented the players with their Super Bowl rings. Based on the social media posts by players, it was an epic party.

What the ring looks like

The Super Bowl rings have a total weight of 9.15 carats. They are 10-karat white goals with 219 diamonds and 17 green sapphires included. The top of the ring has the Eagles logo on top of the Lombardi trophy with the words “World Champions” inscribed. One side holds the player’s name and number, set within a silhouette of Lincoln Financial Field. The other side has the score of the Super Bowl, the Roman numerals LII of the super bowl, and the words “Family” as well as “We All We Got, We All We Need”. The bottom and inside of the ring complete the narrative with the words “Fly Eagles Fly”, scores of all postseason games, and dog mask also added. The rings also include an inscription of the player’s signature.

Image: Philadelphia Eagles

The symbolism within the ring

There is more symbolism within the Super Bowl rings than meets the eye. 52 diamonds rest within the Eagles head representing Super Bowl 52. There are 13 diamonds in the base of the Lombardi trophy representing the Eagles 13 regular season wins in 2017. 3 diamonds in the top portion of the trophy symbolize the number of victories it took to be crowned world champions. One large diamond as the football on top of the Lombardi trophy representing the Eagles first Super Bowl win.

Image: Philadelphia Eagles

127 diamonds make up the bezel representing the most memorable play of the Super Bowl. The Philly Special, executed by Corey Clement, Trey Burton, and Nick Foles, has been played countless times since February 4th. The 127 diamonds represent these players numbers (30, 88, 9) added together. 4 green sapphires sit at the base of the ring, symbolizing the Eagles four NFL championships.

Image: Philadelphia Eagles

The inclusion of Lincoln Financial Field is a tribute to the passionate and supportive Eagles fans. The underdog mask speaks for itself. This was also the first time that a championship ring has included engraved signatures.

A tribute to Super Bowl LII

The Super Bowl this year was nothing short of amazing. Between our backup quarterback having the game of his life, the Philly Special, and a defense that never quit, it was a mesmerizing game. I was lucky enough to see the game first hand in Minnesota and this ring captures everything. There were underdog masks throughout the entire stadium. As a fan, it only makes me love this team more because their ring pays a tribute to us as well. It was clear that the entire Eagles season, especially postseason, was about family and for the fans. Not only did the team battle every game for each other, but also for a fanbase that has never wavered on support for countless years.

Everything about the Super Bowl is perfectly captured in these rings that these players will have forever. The Philly Special, the score, and the underdog masks were a turning point in Eagles history. And there’s nothing more Philadelphia Eagles than Meek Mill performing at the party while Jeffrey Lurie dances with the Lombardi Trophy. Fly Eagles Fly.

Featured Image: Philadelphia Eagles

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