Potential season-ending loss for the Eagles: Is this it for the champs?

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November 20, 2018

Potential season-ending loss for the Eagles: Is this it for the champs?

Image: JLD Design via Flickr

Potential season-ending loss for the Eagles: Is this it for the champs?

Posted on November 20, 2018

A potentially season-ending loss for the reigning champs

Well Eagles fans, this one is tough. I’m not going to lie to you, I really didn’t like the Eagles chances going into Sunday. Back in the summer before the season started, I felt differently. However, by the time this game rolled around I was nowhere near as confident as I once was. I didn’t really expect them to win the game, same as most fans. But, I did expect them to put up more of a fight and at least make the game a little bit competitive. Based on the way that the team rolled over, this is a potentially season-ending loss for the Eagles.

I only say it is potentially season-ending because of the demoralizing way they lost. How does a team bounce back from that? They have lost three straight at home. The Giants have now won two in a row. Coming off that embarrassing loss how do they bounce back on Sunday? I really don’t know. We knew going in that the Saints were an extremely high powered offense, similar to the Eagles of 2017.  However, that game was just ridiculous. Here are a few things to love and hate about the Eagles after the loss.

Thing to hate #1: There has to be something in the water at NovaCare

I’m running out of ways to justify and figure out some of these injuries plaguing the Eagles over the last two years. Last week I listed the players that have missed at least one game this season due to injury. There were over 20 players on that list. Now, the list has grown. Against the Saints, the Eagles lost Jason Kelce early. Then Avonte Maddox went down. Then Sidney Jones rolled an ankle. Next, Rasul Douglas went down grabbing his knee. Then all of a sudden Jordan Hicks was in the tent. Also, Rick Lovato is in the concussion protocol.

Daniel Gallen@danieljtgallen

some #Eagles injury updates:
– Rick Lovato is in concussion protocol
– Sidney Jones is week-to-week with a new injury
– Rasul Douglas/Avonte Maddox are day-to-day
– Jordan Hicks is week-to-week
– Jason Kelce is “fine”71:06 PM – Nov 19, 2018 · Philadelphia, PATwitter Ads info and privacySee Daniel Gallen’s other Tweets

I mean, the Eagles are going to need open tryouts this week just to have corners to play on Sunday. Hopefully, Jalen Mills will be good to go by Sunday. Because otherwise? Yikes.

Now, these injuries are absolutely not an excuse for the poor performance of this team. Do the injuries hurt? Sure. But honestly, the majority of these injuries are on the defensive side of the ball. That’s no excuse for the offense not putting up points.

Thing to hate #2: I’ve never seen Wentz look that unconfident

On the same note of not putting up points, we need to address Carson Wentz’s performance Sunday. I, like many Eagles fans, struggle to criticize Wentz because of the player and person he is. However, yesterday he just looked lost for some reason. He was not very accurate with the ball, and he just looked uncomfortable out there. Now, I’m not sure if it was because they lost Kelce early, or because they got down by so much and he felt pressure to be the hero. I am not here to speculate. Something just seemed off about him yesterday.

I firmly believe he is our quarterback of the future. I love the guy and will always cheer my heart out for him. But the offense was disappointing to say the very least.

This is another factor that least me to believe that this might have been a season-ending loss.

Thing to hate #3: Does this defense know what the word “pressure” means?

On paper, our pass rush should be the most dominant in the NFL. It is the exact opposite. Fletcher Cox started the season off red hot and has cooled down significantly. Last season, our line was extremely disruptive, hitting the quarterback, collapsing the pocket, and forcing turnovers. That could not be further from what is going on now. No one is getting in there. Brandon Graham, Chris Long, Fletcher Cox, Haloti Ngata, Michael Bennett. Those names alone should strike fear in opposing quarterbacks. Not so much.

Here’s hoping getting Tim Jernigan back this week sparks something there. Because right now, there is no pressure from the defense. And since they’re on the field so much, they’re too tired to be explosive.

Thing to hate #4: Mike Groh

It’s officially been decided that I am done with Mike Groh. I miss Frank Reich. I will be the first to admit I didn’t think Reich meant anything to the Super Bowl victory and good grief was I wrong. Maybe giving Duce Staley the OC job would have been better. Who knows. But either way, Mike Groh is not the guy for the job. This team was averaging almost 30 points last season and yesterday they only scored seven. SEVEN. Absolutely unacceptable.

Brandon Lee Gowton@BrandonGowton

Maybe we don’t talk enough about how Eagles OC Mike Groh was passing game coordinator for a 2016 Rams offense that ranked 31st in passing yards per game and 32nd in passing DVOA.2,4385:43 PM – Nov 18, 2018Twitter Ads info and privacy885 people are talking about this

Thing to hate #5: Anyone blaming Jim Schwartz at this point knows nothing

Listen, I’m not happy with the defense either. No one is. However, Schwartz is working with a new group of guys every week because of these ridiculous injuries. So, I think we need to hop off the “fire Jim Schwartz” wagon. I get that sometimes he isn’t putting the best scheme in place. But at this point, he is picking people off the street and starting them on Sunday because of injuries. We can’t even be mad about it at this point.

If you’re mad at Jim Schwartz for the 48 points by the Saints yesterday, you’re certifiably insane. That is all.

Thing to love #1: Josh Adams…again

This kid is good. He runs hard, and finishes runs the way he should. He runs extremely well between the tackles and that’s what this team needs. They just need to continue using him. Obviously, when you’re down 41 points that’s not really the go-to play call. But, I think he will be a good player for us over the next few years. Congratulations to him on his first NFL touchdown.

What now?

There are too many things wrong with the Eagles at this point. Poor offensive line play, injuries, bad play-calling, and more are not all going to be fixed in the last six games of the season. This was a potentially season-ending loss for the Eagles because they quit. They were jogging into the end zone after the Saints players by the end. They were defeated. It was obvious. Doug Pederson said he told each player not to hang their heads, and said that they’re a group that will continue to believe in themselves. I don’t know if that’s possible at this point. We’ll see against the Giants.

In other news, Jimmy Butler is a Sixer, so that’s a positive. They haven’t had any season-ending games. Knock on wood. Let’s focus on that.

Featured Image: JLD Design via Flickr

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