Perfect attendance at training camp

Post originally appeared on Pro Sports Notes

June 14, 2018

Perfect attendance at training camp

Image: Andrew Kenney via Flickr

Perfect attendance at training camp

Posted on June 14, 2018

The Eagles have perfect attendance at camp

After a series of different OTAs, the Eagles mandatory mini-camps started yesterday at the Nova Care Complex. The reigning Super Bowl champions had perfect attendance for this camp. Although that may not seem important, it is significant for many different reasons.

Holdouts? Not here.

The Eagles took care of all free agent issues immediately. Some guys signed with other teams, some guys reworked contracts and guys re-signed all relatively quickly. Our biggest veteran stars including Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, Fletcher Cox, and many others have their deals in place. However, there are a few guys in the NFL including Julio Jones and Khalil Mack who will not attend their teams’ mandatory camps in hopes of getting that big deal.

Image: Dora Grande via Flickr

Why does this matter to the Eagles? It shows the culture of the team from the top down. Howie Roseman got all of his ducks in a row early and made sure all players were taken care of and satisfied. It appears as if there is good communication within the organization. Also, the players seem happy. They WANT to play for Philly.

Signs of complacency or a Super Bowl hangover? Nope.

Doug Pederson mentioned today that the team is getting good practice work in especially with all players in attendance. Even guys that aren’t practicing because of injuries are in attendance for camp. Why? Because they also want to work hard toward a similar goal. When Michael Bennett was interviewed he made it clear that the focus was solely on football. 

Why does this matter for mandatory camp?

When there is perfect attendance at a camp, whether it’s mandatory or not, it shows that playing football and the team is more important than any individual.  There are mandatory camps happening for every team right now, yet there are players absent. These players care more about how much money they will make than the team. These Eagles players care more about their teammates and winning another championship than their own paychecks. I’ve said it before, I will say it again, the Philadelphia Eagles have some of the most respectable men in the NFL on their team. They have an amazing culture that, paired with the hard work, will lead them to another Super Bowl title.

Image: Dan Hefton via Flickr

Featured Image: Andrew Kenney via Flickr

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