How are Eagles fans feeling two weeks into the season?

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September 18, 2018

How are Eagles fans feeling two weeks into the season?

Image: Andrew Auletta via Flickr

How are Eagles fans feeling two weeks into the season?

Posted on September 18, 2018

Eagles fans have changed since the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was the best thing that could have happened to this city. But the worst thing that could have happened to this city’s fanbase. Eagles fans became so overly conceited, they refused to listen to anything REMOTELY negative about their team. They no longer looked at the situation/move/transaction objectively. Howie Roseman was a god and could do no wrong. Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery were Superman and would return week one regardless of the timelines for their injuries. It was actually a little ridiculous.

I found myself doing it too, so I fought to continue to be objective. Like when I wrote an article back in May about which wide receivers should step up in the case that Jeffery was to miss some time. Eagles fans were up in arms and couldn’t believe I would say something so stupid. But with the season starting just six months after a surgery that requires 6-9 for recovery, it was logical. I think Wentz not starting week one and the abysmal performance by the team in week two really brought the fanbase back to earth.

After week one

Doug Pederson announced Nick Foles as the week one starter, and the reality of a new season set in for the fans. When they took the field to face their 2017 divisional round opponent, Foles would once again be under center. As spectacular as Wentz is, he’s not Superman. Foles needed to continue to lead the Eagles on the road to victory.

While the offense continued to struggle, Eagles fans began to take their Super Bowl goggles off to realize this team needed to make adjustments offensively. They were missing their number one receiver in Jeffery, their magician of a QB, and there were differences from last year. I think this team will miss having a runner like LeGarrette Blount on the roster, for example.

After the week one performance, the Eagles fans were thinking “wow that defense is impenetrable, but the offense still needs to pull it together.” At the time, we thought that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be the perfect opponent to figure that out. Then they watched them play the Saints three days later, and I think that’s when the Eagles fans got back to reality.


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It’s a new season

It’s a new year and everyone is gunning to be better than the Philadelphia Eagles. The Bucs had their way with the New Orleans Saints who, many analysts picked as the NFC representative in for Super Bowl LIII. I think when the Eagles fans saw the score of that game, they realized 18 points wasn’t going to cut it against the Bucs. Wentz still wasn’t ready to go and neither was Jeffery.

The Eagles ruled Sproles out because of a hamstring injury. All of these factors started to make Eagles fans a little uneasy. We were confident in our team, yes. But any one of them would be lying if they said that they had as much confidence as they did in June.

After week two

There were some reporters who said a loss like this doesn’t feel as bad as it used to now that the Eagles have won a Super Bowl. I actually think the opposite. Why? Because as an Eagles fan who watches these games RELIGIOUSLY, I know our team is better than what they left out on the field on Sunday. They are better at getting to the quarterback. The defense is better at tackling than they demonstrated.

The offensive line is better than allowing 10+ hits on their quarterback. There were so many factors that the Eagles are simply better than that and I think we saw in week one that fans aren’t going to accept anything less than what we know our team is capable of. They are better than that.


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The Eagles fan vibe going into week three

The vibe of Eagles fans going into week three is more positive than you’d expect right after an ugly loss. And that’s because FINALLY, we get Wentz back as our starting quarterback. Eagles fans are thrilled. They’re super fired up and let me tell you, there will be a party at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.

I will say though, that Eagles fans are smart enough to realize that Wentz won’t solve all of the problems the Eagles need to fix. The vibe from Eagles fans is positive and they are optimistic, realizing that the Eagles lost week two last year in very similar fashion, and look how that turned out. They trust their team and coaches will do whatever is necessary to correct the errors made on Sunday. But, there are aspects of the team the fans are still nervous about including the wide receiver position.

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Howie Roseman also needs to continue to prove how great he is by getting some solution to this problem in here. A Super Bowl doesn’t mean that anyone gets a pass.

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Eagles fans appreciate the Super Bowl, but they are still hungry

Eagles fans are obviously over the moon elated that the Eagles now have a Super Bowl title. But now that they’ve gotten a taste of a championship, they want more. Hopefully, the team feels the same way. There is a good vibe going into week three. But the vibe will be even better once something is done at the wide receiver position. We need a little more insurance. Eagles fans can always be counted on to support their team!

Featured Image: Andrew Auletta via Flickr
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