Home jerseys for the Philadelphia Eagles in New Orleans

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July 3, 2018

Home jerseys in New Orleans

Image: Atlanta Falcons via Flickr

Home jerseys in New Orleans

Posted on July 3, 2018

Home jerseys for the Birds

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to “The Big Easy” in 2018. The champs will travel to New Orleans to play the Saints on November 18. The matchup became a little bit more interesting when head coaches Sean Payton and Doug Pederson made a bet on the golf course about home jerseys.

The wager itself

After their pairing for a golf match during the NFL meetings, Payton and Pederson began talking about how to make the match more interesting. Payton discussed that as head coaches they only have so many things they can control, and jersey colors are one of them. Therefore, the wager came to fruition and Pederson took home the victory! The Eagles will wear their green home jerseys for the game played in the Saints’ building.

Image: Teed Johnson via Flickr

Additionally, due to both coaches competitive nature, the bets continued to flow, and the Eagles coaching staff will also receive some traditional New Orleans food delivered to them upon arrival as well.

Image: Brian Kong via Flickr

Will it actually happen?

There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Coach Pederson is the first person to tell you that. However, when it comes to the NFL, even the most innocent fun is squashed by the commissioner. Yes, the coaches have control over jersey choice, but will the NFL step in and eliminate coaches wagering that choice?

They did relax their rule, now allowing teams to wear alternate jerseys up to three times per season…but will using it in a bet cause some issues? Who knows. Crazier things have been done in the NFL! Roger Goodell would find some way to interfere and then suspend Pederson for the game on top of that. Because that’s what warrants suspensions in this league these days.

However for the time being, in a week where the City of Brotherly love has to mourn losing Lebron to the Lakers, we can take a small win by our Super Bowl winning head coach. It’s not overly exciting. But, it is definitely good to see that the Super Bowl win hasn’t changed Douggie P’s competitive nature. Even he will take the small wins.

And hey, maybe this means that Pederson is already inside Payton’s head ahead of their Week 10 matchup. Doug Pederson just doesn’t lose! Go birds!

Featured Image: Atlanta Falcons via Flickr

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