Bitter much? Former Giants coach has some thoughts about the Eagles success

Post originally appeared on Pro Sports Notes

July 13, 2018

Bitter much? Former Giants coach had some thoughts about the Eagles success

Image: Bruce Adler Sports Photography

Bitter much? Former Giants coach had some thoughts about the Eagles success

Posted on July 13, 2018

Bitter much?

After Chip Kelly’s dismissal, the leading candidate for the vacant coaching position was Ben McAdoo. Thankfully, we didn’t hire him. There are many reasons why we are all thankful he wasn’t hired here. However, it can really be summed up in one sentence: Neither of them won the Super Bowl last year. Even though he went 13-15 in two seasons as the head coach, was solely responsible for benching Eli Manning and breaking his 210 game start streak, and did NOT win a Super Bowl, McAdoo still had the audacity to share his unwelcomed opinion about the Eagles and their success. Sounds to me like a bitter guy without a job.

Disrespecting his former team

Image: Bruce Adler Sports Photography via Flickr

McAdoo discussed his former team with the New York Post and said they made a lot of great moves that he wanted to make. So essentially, he first tried to take credit for the offseason moves by the Giants. This is just sad. Did I mention he seemed bitter?

What he had to say about the SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS

The bitter ex-coach basically mocked the Eagles success saying “how much success has Philly had? I think they’re going to have a hard time handling success.” Well…unless my memory is failing me, they did a pretty good job of handling success all year long. You know, when they went 13-3 while losing their MVP candidate quarterback, Pro Bowl left tackle, Pro Bowl running back, kicker, linebacker, and more? Apparently winning a Super Bowl wasn’t handling that success well enough. For a guy who is 1-7 against the Eagles with the Giants, I’m not really sure where he gets off.

The Eagles are still on top

Image: Jay Peterson via Flickr

Regardless of what a bitter and jobless McAdoo has to say, the Eagles are Super Bowl champions. And they have a roster well equipped to defend that title. They continue to get better and will probably wipe the floor with the Giants again this year.

Featured Image: Curt Johnson via Flickr

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