“Believe It”: 5 reasons to read the book by our Super Bowl MVP

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July 9, 2018

“Believe It”: 5 reasons to read the book by our Super Bowl MVP

Image: Alexander Muir via Flickr

“Believe It”: 5 reasons to read the book by our Super Bowl MVP

Posted on July 9, 2018

Believe It

Nick Foles and Joshua Cooley have released a book detailing Foles’ whirlwind life. From a high school phenom who shattered records previously held by Drew Brees to an Arizona State transfer, a third-round draft pick, a benched starter, a man contemplating retirement, and finally a Super Bowl MVP. The last few years for the QB have been nothing short of exciting. I just finished reading “Believe It” and let me tell you, if you didn’t already love this man, I promise you will after finishing the book. There are so many reasons to read “Believe It”. Don’t worry…there are no spoilers!

1. Foles description and detail about the importance of his faith

Not only is Foles the man who delivered the first Super Bowl championship to Philadelphia, but he is a phenomenal person throughout. As a devout Christian, Foles discusses how his faith had an impact on his career and personal life.

One aspect of the book that was really interesting was reading how significant this factor is in Foles’s everyday life. Not only did this help lead him in his choice to transfer from Michigan State, as well as his choice not to retire from the NFL, but it also lends a cool little twist on the story of his wedding day.

2. His story about draft night

Obviously, we know Foles was selected in the 3rd round of the 2012 NFL Draft. In “Believe It” not only does Foles discuss his emotions on that night, but also shares a funny story about how the night developed. Without giving it away, let’s just say the story is something out of a movie. Also, the way it was written actually made me laugh out loud.

3. He’s human just like the rest of us

Although Foles is now immortalized in the City of Brotherly Love, the book shows he is still human. The book encompasses all aspects of his life from the time he was a gunslinger in high school up until now. This includes his proposal to his now wife Tori Foles. Just like anyone, taking this big step made the quarterback a nervous wreck, but ultimately he got the job done.

4. His relationship with his wife and daughter

Tori and Nick went to Arizona together but didn’t date until after they both graduated. The way Nick Foles talks about his wife and the support and love they provide for each other is refreshing from some of the other relationships that are in the public eye these days.

5. The insight he gives about his time playing in the NFL

Foles has had a roller coaster of an NFL career. Just two years ago, he was contemplating hanging up his cleats for good after a trying season with the St. Louis Rams. He discusses competing with Michael Vick for a starting job, his benching in favor of Case Keenum, and leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl title.

Although he talks about the details of the games he also shares funny stories. For example, he talks about the time he assumed he wouldn’t play much of a preseason game against the Patriots so he ate a donut right before the game…then Michael Vick took a hard shot on the 6th play and he then had to play more than the few snaps he was expecting.

I read this book cover to cover in one day. Cooley did an excellent job creating the book on Foles’ experiences and Foles himself shared so much for his fans. He describes his successes and his failures and opens up to Eagles fans in a new way. Like I said, if you didn’t already love this man, this book will do the trick! And let’s not forget our guy is now a New York Times bestseller!

Nick Foles@NickFoles

Truly honored to be on this list. I am grateful for @TyndaleHouse and @JoshuaCooley9 and all their hard work making this book a reality. Thank you for those who have purchased the book. Hope you enjoy it. https://twitter.com/bookfoles/status/1014914767042109440 …NickFolesBook@BookFolesBelieve It by @Eagles Super Bowl MVP @NickFoles will debut at No. 5 on the New York @nytimes Hardcover, Nonfiction list on Sunday, July 15. He’ll also be a @PublishersWkly and @USATODAY best seller when those lists are released. Congrats, Nick! @TyndaleHouse1,1392:41 PM – Jul 5, 2018Twitter Ads info and privacy149 people are talking about this

Pick up a copy and give it a read! Cooley will also be a guest on The Madness on July 17th!

Featured Image: Alexander Muir via Flickr

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