Monday Night Football commentators ESPN conference call

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May 10, 2018

Monday Night Football Commentators ESPN Conference Call

Image: Football-Austria via Flickr

Monday Night Football Commentators ESPN Conference Call

Posted on May 10, 2018

A Makeover For Monday Night Football

For the 2018 season, Monday Night Football is getting a slight makeover. Today, Thursday, May 10, ESPN hosted a conference call with the new Monday Night Football crew. ESPN just announced the new crew members. The call included Joe Tessitore, Jason Witten, Booger McFarland, Lisa Salters, and ESPN Senior Vice President of Event and Studio Production, Stephanie Druley. The purpose of the call was to discuss the new Monday Night Football, the goals the production team has, and how the new members will adjust to their new roles.

What Will This New Monday Night Football Look Like?

Image: manning7615 via Flickr

Monday Night Football has revamped their team, adding a sideline analyst as well to change their style. They feel like this will provide a unique aspect to the broadcast. Also, according to McFarland, “you can see nuances” between players or players and coaches. McFarland explained this new approach as a new style of entertainment and education for the audience’s enjoyment.

According to Druley, they “like the unique perspective” of having someone on the sidelines as opposed to three in the booth. She also said with McFarland’s unique view, audiences will get more insight into “what’s happening in the trenches.”

The Chemistry Of The New Team

Tessitore, Witten, McFarland, and Salters are extremely excited to hit the ground running. According to Tessitore, the chemistry was undeniable from the beginning. He told a story about McFarland and Witten and their chemistry. He said that McFarland is already basically part of his family. However, when Witten first visited Tessitore’s house, he was outside playing football with Tessitore’s high school son. Tessitore said that all of these folks have the most important quality of television – authenticity.

The group discussed how special being a part of Monday Night Football is in their lives. Tessitore, Witten, and McFarland also discussed their memories as children. Whether it be talking with grandparents, or remembering those stand-alone games, Monday Night Football is special.

Constantly Stuck With Former Cowboys

Image: mike–123 via Flickr

Unfortunately for Eagles fans, no longer will an Eagles game be without at least one former Cowboy as a commentator. According to this crew, as a Dallas Cowboy, you are constantly thrust into this media market. According to Tessitore, Cowboys players are forced to “put themselves out well with the media” from the beginning of their careers. For most sports networks, they like to see the Cowboys on their schedules as frequently as possible because it brings solid viewership.

However, how will Witten handle Eagles fans? Is he prepared? He says yes. Witten has thick skin. He said throughout the duration of his career almost every insult was tossed his way. He said that he “can’t stand” when an announcer starts to talk about the team as “we” and becomes a “homer” and he is going to work hard to be objective. Witten also said he “got a lot of confidence from Tony” and the way he approached his analytics “in a new and fresh way.”

The new crew will get their chance to analyze the Super Bowl champions December 3. The Birds host the Washington Redskins. 

A Fresh 2018 Monday Night Football Broadcast

Although the new team includes yet another Cowboy, Witten and the rest of the Monday Night Football crew will provide an exciting twist to the last game of the week. All crew members are looking forward to the NFL season. As a fan, I am also excited to see what they bring to the table! Their first broadcast will take place on Monday, September 10.

Featured Image: Football-Austria via Flickr

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