Eagles draft party: the Eagles and the fans

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April 28, 2018

Eagles Draft Party: The Eagles And The Fans

Image: Jessica Towne

Eagles Draft Party: The Eagles And The Fans

Posted on April 28, 2018

An Eagles Draft Party For The Fans

The Philadelphia Eagles are an organization that operates with their fans in mind.  Philadelphia fans are the most passionate and committed fans in the NFL and the Eagles have used this Super Bowl victory as a way to reward the years of loyalty. This year’s Eagles Draft Party was no exception. Going into the draft, it was pretty much known that the Eagles were going to trade their #32 pick in order to move back into the 2nd round and acquire more picks. Regardless of this fact, hundreds of Eagles fans were waiting in line for the doors of Lincoln Financial Field to open, to attend the Eagles Draft Party.

The Eagles hosted fans at Lincoln Financial Field for a draft party. The activities and events were all catered towards fans and targeted at celebrating a successful 2017-18 season. Going into Round 1, it appeared unlikely that the Eagles would keep their pick and select a player. Fans were aware of this, therefore, the Eagles Draft Party was just another chance to celebrate the Super Bowl win. Fans were outside long before the doors to the stadium opened, tailgating as if it was a Sunday game day. The excitement in the air was a new feeling on draft day. It was a genuinely happy and calm environment around the Linc.

Fans Tailgating Before The Party

The Presentation Of Our Newest Friend, The Lombardi Trophy

eagles draft party
Fans Enjoying Time On The Field

The doors opened at 7:00 PM for the fans to enter Lincoln Financial Field. There were several events and other special activities set up for entertainment. The night began with the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy. Eagles Insider, Dave Spadaro, came to the stage to introduce new Hall of Famer, Brian Dawkins. Dawkins ran on stage in excitement with the Lombardi Trophy in hand. Fans were led in an E-A-G-L-E-S chant by Weapon X himself, and also got to witness his first kiss with the trophy.

eagles draft party
A Look At Where The New Banners Will Be

In continuation of the fan focus theme, Dawkins made sure his speech was targeted at Eagles fans. He talked about how “when [he] makes it, we all make it,” and not only are fans Super Bowl champions, but also Hall of Famers.

From there, fans were free to tour the locker rooms, get autographs and take pictures with players and alumni, among other activities. There were large cardboard cutouts of players on the field that fans could take pictures with as well. The Eagles drumline was there to entertain fans as well as the Pep Band. It was a fun-filled night for fans of all ages, which was the Eagles goal.

eagles draft party

Player’s Thoughts On Eagles Fans

Throughout the night, I had the opportunity to interview Stephen Means and Shelton Gibson and get their thoughts on Eagles fans, and how their impressions of fans and encounters with fans have been different since the Super Bowl win.

Both players agreed that Eagles fans are extremely passionate and committed to their team. Shelton said, “it’s been a blessing” and instead of the fans being mad they are happier and he has noticed that. He also said that “it’s special to be a part of a team where they’ve never won before.”

eagles draft party
Jessica Towne Interviewing Shelton Gibson

Means said that when he got here, he “got the feeling that [Eagles fans] always believe” and that “this year, in particular, has been amazing.” He talked about how people have come up to him in the grocery store thanking him and crying which has been really memorable for him as a player.

Eagles Fans Thoughts On The Draft

Usually going into the draft, it is a night full of anticipation and anxiety. After some questionable drafts in the past, Eagles fans are usually on the edge of their seats waiting for the Birds to be on the clock. This year there was an extremely relaxed vibe. The party began to clear out around 10:00 PM, but only after collectively booing the Dallas Cowboys and bashing their 1st round pick. By the time the Eagles traded out of the first round, Lincoln Financial Field was almost empty after a night full of fun.

It was a night of excitement and joy as opposed to stress and anxiety. I, and many other Eagles fans, could get used to this feeling. Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman both said this would be the new norm…I definitely like this new norm.

eagles draft party

What Do You Think Eagles Fans?

All Images Provided by Jessica Towne

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