Carson Wentz’s Injury: Former offensive coordinator, Frank Reich spills the tea

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April 10, 2018

Carson Wentz’s Injury: Former Coordinator Frank Reich Spills The Tea

Image: philliesfan136 via Flickr

Carson Wentz’s Injury: Former Coordinator Frank Reich Spills The Tea

Posted on April 10, 2018

Carson Wentz’s Injury Has Sparked Some Discussions

As all Eagles fans know, Carson Wentz’s injury put an early end to a spectacular season.

He broke the Eagles single-season touchdown pass record and was a leading MVP candidate. When Wentz went down, it was a crushing blow. Since his injury, there have been several questions, thoughts, reports, and opinions surrounding his recovery and future. Some reports have indicated that this will be a Robert Griffin III type injury and Wentz might have to wear a brace for the duration of his career. Although, Wentz has said that this will not change the aggressive nature in which he plays the game.The most recent comments about Carson Wentz’s injury have come from the former offensive coordinator, and new Colts head coach, Frank Reich.

Frank Reich’s Opinion On Wentz’s Injury

Recently, Frank Reich has let some information slip about Carson Wentz and his injury to his ACL. Reich said over the weekend that he and other Eagles coaches encouraged Wentz to be less aggressive, and focus more on protecting himself for the longevity of his career. According to Reich, it essentially went in one ear and out the other for Wentz. Making a point to mention that Wentz never outright said this in return, Reich said Wentz basically said “No I’m not backing off. This is me. This is how I play.”

This has echoed what most Eagles fans thought every time Carson Wentz stepped outside of the pocket. Although it’s thrilling to watch Carson Wentz dazzle when he extends and makes plays with his legs, there is always that moment of panic when he takes an unnecessary hit.

Carson Wentz's Injury
Image: Take News, via Flickr

What Does This Mean For Wentz Going Forward?

Doug Pederson has mentioned that he plans on speaking with Wentz in order to ensure his return and ability to have a long successful NFL career. He wants Wentz to become more of a pocket passer and rely less on his legs. However, his legs are what makes him sensational and sets him apart from other quarterbacks in the league.

Lucky for us Eagles fans, we have a quarterback that’s tough as nails. That has been proven time and time again, most notably when he stayed in the game to throw a 4th down touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffrey with his knee hanging off of his body. Carson Wentz’s injury was devastating. However, based on the kind of person he has demonstrated he is, I don’t see this holding him back. He is already ahead of schedule in his rehab. The Eagles expect him to be ready as a pocket passer for the beginning of the season.

What Are Your Thoughts About Reich’s Comments On Wentz?

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Featured Photo: Philliesfan136, via Flickr

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